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By placing an order at you support charity! Slubanshop is owned by the Sluban Foundation. This foundation is established to raise money for charity through the sale of Sluban toys. Therefore all profits from Slubanshop benefit general charity goals worldwide like aids defence and child programs in Africa. Below are some examples listed of charities that we support.


Right from the start we support Mbuma and development in Zimbabwe. Mbuma in Zimbabwe is responsible for the Mbuma Mission Hospital in Nkayi District.

The main tasks of this hospital are:
- First Aid Clinic
- AIDS defence
- Mother and Child program

Slubanshop appreciates this work and therefore a large portion of the profits go to this hospital.

Save a Child

The Philippines were struck by an all destroying typhoon. This disaster strikes a lot of children. Therefore Slubanshop donates the profit of the months October, November and December to “Save a Child”.

Many children lost their partens and are extra vulnerable in these circumstances. There is a great lack of food, drinking water and medicines. Foundation “Save a Child” joined Dorcas, Tear, Woord en Daad en ZOA in an emergency action. Please advise for more information.