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By placing an order at you support charity! Slubanshop is owned by the Sluban Foundation. This foundation is established to raise money for charity through the sale of Sluban toys. Therefore all profits from Slubanshop benefit general charity goals worldwide like aids defence and child programs in Africa. Below are some examples listed of charities that we support.

All over the world support is needed by unnummerous charity organisations. So we always have to make a choice between the different objectives that those have been in mind. The tradeoff we thereby make is how likes to see itself and what direction we want te develop. In this view we have therefore choses for an international setting by choosing the Red Cross aid to refugees in Syria; World Servants with a project in Zambia and Woord en Daad in Guatemala. Closer by we choose Gave foundation and Adullam Disablecare. 


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Almost 4 years of war has an enormous impact on the daily life in Syria. Unnummerous people has been killed, been disabled, missing, detained or separated from their families. Millons of people have fled to neightboring countries. Battles hinder health, water and refuse collection of dirt. Schools, hospitals and other facilities have been destroyed.

The Red Cross is deeply concerned about the victims of the violence in Syria and offers help. Since the beginning of the conflict, the Syrian volunteers work very hard to help the wounded. More than 10,000 trained volunteers doing this every day, risking their own lives.

URL to work in Syria:




Gave Foundation is an initiative connected to several churches, for working at refugees and asylum. Gave wants the refugee who's coming to our contry will be seen and be loved. Gave try to get an awareness to churches and christians for the bibles order to be friendly to strangers and to welcome them.

A lot of refugees are children. These children also wants to build up a future somewhere. Slubanshop wants to help these children and contribute to their development.

URL (NL) to work of Gave Foundation in the Netherlands:



A project of World Servants starts where there is need: a community itself. There is need for a clinic or school. Starting from this inquiry, partnerorganisations will investigate the work. A project gets visits and audits on scalability and feasability of group visits and workers. After the finishing of a project WS will monitor the project for 5 years on targets.

Slubanshop supports one of the projects of WS in Zambia; a school for girls. In july 2016 a group of volunteers will starting to build this school in Zambia. Sluban of course has already something to deal with building and we always want to invest in education of children! This goal fits perfectly to the profiling of Slubanshop.

URL (NL) to help by young people in the developing world:



YOUNG AMBASSADORS WOORD EN DAAD ► GUATEMALA is sponsor for Young Ambassadors at Wartburg College. From 19th till 30th October 2015, Eldrick and 5 other students will go to Guatemala, together with Netherlands charity organisation Woord&Daad. They’ll visit project which are supported by W&D. All these initiatives are targetted to support chanceless youth from poor families, and give them a future. likes to contribute to these projects from youth for youth and families.

URL to work in Guatemala:




Adullam is a nationally Netherlands operating, indentity-related organisation to provide care and support to people with intellectual disabilities to norms and values of the Bible. It provides care and support in the areas of housing, daytime activities for adults and children, stay and outpatient support. This care and guidance is provided in a priciple and professional way. In all phases of life, quality assitance is provided. Adullam wants to contribute the wellbeing of people with these disabilities and their parents, relatives and or representatives.

URL to Adullam Disablecare:

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